Virtual Communication
Crash Course


Contact us to create a customized 2 hour virtual training.  

Are you uncomfortable when you see your video turn on a for virtual meeting?
Do you worry about how you come across when you're presenting when you can't be in-person?

Are your corporate trainers having to teach through a camera instead of in-person? Are your executives losing their effectiveness? How is your sales team handling social distancing?

We can design a two hour accelerated online workshop to help you and/or your team members.

Make sure you're showing up in the way you intend so you can be more engaging and have more impact….
whether you're presenting or participating in virtual meetings, webinars or video creation!

“The Komen team found our 2 hour On-Camera training session with Barnes Team Media well worth our time and very helpful to our increasing needs for virtual programming, interviews and meetings.  They bring a great energy and very credible experience to the table which lessened any feelings of discomfort and made training fun.  One of the things that makes working with Kim and Mike so impactful is the practice videos. Learning about something is not the same as jumping in and doing it.  Receiving feedback from experienced professionals, and training our team to deliver feedback, creates sustainability and long term growth opportunities.  Their approach replaces fear with a sense of empowerment.  From setting the stage for a professional production to conveying an authentic message, the training Barnes Team Media delivered was excellent.  It definitely laid the groundwork for Komen to expand the capacity and reach of our mission message.”

Jeannine O’Deens

Executive Director, Komen Greater CETX