Presentation Training

 Does the thought of giving a presentation make you weak in the knees or just extremely nervous or anxious?

Imagine if  you could look forward to sharing what you know.  Go into a sales pitch with confidence. Or know that you'll be able to inspire your employees.

Whether it’s presenting your ideas in meetings, speaking at conferences or pitching new business, most of us speak in front of others at some point during our career. Don't you want to present yourself, your ideas, and your knowledge in a way that has your audience wanting more?


What we can teach you or your team:

  • how to craft a memorable presentation
  • how to prepare for presentations and present with confidence
  • the most important keys to be comfortable, confident and have an effective presence 
  • what to do with your hands! 
  • how to be impactful with words and presence (including body language)
  • how to understand your audience and how to best engage and connect with them
  • how to turn your nervous energy into excitement
  • how to move with purpose
  • how to best use a Powerpoint
  • how to remember your presentation without memorizing or reading
  • hands-on training, practice and feedback