Don't be a Virtual Meeting Blooper!

Video conference calls are a new thing for many people and it's easy to forget that you're on camera! Here's how to make sure you don't end up going viral for the wrong reason! 😱

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Tips for Virtual Job Interviews

Make a great first impression in your next virtual job interview!

Job interviews are much different in this virtual world. You're likely doing interviews in a virtual meeting with one or more interviewers or even having to record a video of yourself as part of your interview so it's just you and the camera. Want to make sure you show up like a pro? Here are a few tips to help.

Zoom Updates September 2 2020

Have you seen some of the new Zoom features? Filters, Sound Suppression, Adjustable Touch Up My Appearance, Low Light Correction, New Reactions and sharing your Powerpoint as your background.

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How Do I Quit Saying Um and Other Crutch Words

Filler words like um, like, now, so, you know, right….. or whatever your favorite crutch word is.. are okay if you say occasionally.

But when they start creeping into our conversations and presentations they can be a distraction.

Kim and Mike Barnes are here to help you get them out of your vocabulary in this quick video!